Siegfried Ebeling

From 1924 to 1925 he studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar under Wassily Kandinsky and Marcel Breuer, with whom he was also friends. In 1926, he published his architectural theory paper “Der Raum als Membran” (“Space as Membrane”), which caused a great stir among experts. In it, he described the house wall as a semi-permeable… Continue reading Siegfried Ebeling

Sonia Delaunay

The Russian-French painter was an important artist of the abstract style. She is considered a pioneer of Geometric Abstraction. In her works Sonia Delaunay-Terk emphasized colors and light – following the famous example of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. She was also engaged in theatrical decorations, fabric designs and costumes. She was married in… Continue reading Sonia Delaunay

Laurent Jiménez-Balaguer

Laurent Jiménez-Balaguer (14 January 1928 – 16 April 2015) Born in L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain. He lived and worked in Paris. He was one of the most distinguished painters of Catalan art, known for creating a private language. He belonged to the Abstract Expressionism and European Informalism. These postmodern vanguardists have been characterized… Continue reading Laurent Jiménez-Balaguer

Otto Piene

Otto Piene was a German artist and co-founder of the artist group ZERO. He is considered a pioneer of light and fire art as well as sky art actions. As a reaction to abstract Informel, Piene founded the later internationally influential artist group ZERO (“Zero Point of Art”) together with Heinz Mack in Düsseldorf on… Continue reading Otto Piene

Theo Tobiasse

Théo Tobiasse (1927 – 2012) is known for his expressive figurative paintings and prints centered on themes of exile and the expat Jewish experience. An artist enthusiastic about art and life and working ceaselessly, he etches, carves, sculpts, writes imaginative diaries, designs ceramics, bronzes; He draws, makes frescoes and stained glass windows, etc.. Numerous solo… Continue reading Theo Tobiasse

Eun Nim Ro

Detours lead Eun Nim Ro to the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, where she studied painting with Hans Thielmann and Kai Sudek from 1973 to 1979. Here she develops an intuitive painting style that combines the tradition of Korean ink brush painting with the expressive style of Western art. In the early 1980s, she created… Continue reading Eun Nim Ro

Philip Rantzer

Philip Rantzer calls himself a choreographer of garbage. But the object artist from Israel also sees himself as a grandson of Dada and Merz, Schwitters, Aqrp and Ernst, of surrealism and the theatrical grotesque. He processes materials from bulky waste and scrap yards into object paintings, wall and floor sculptures. The seemingly useless and worn-out… Continue reading Philip Rantzer