Theo Tobiasse

Théo Tobiasse (1927 – 2012) is known for his expressive figurative paintings and prints centered on themes of exile and the expat Jewish experience. An artist enthusiastic about art and life and working ceaselessly, he etches, carves, sculpts, writes imaginative diaries, designs ceramics, bronzes; He draws, makes frescoes and stained glass windows, etc.. Numerous solo… Continue reading Theo Tobiasse

Eun Nim Ro

Detours lead Eun Nim Ro to the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, where she studied painting with Hans Thielmann and Kai Sudek from 1973 to 1979. Here she develops an intuitive painting style that combines the tradition of Korean ink brush painting with the expressive style of Western art. In the early 1980s, she created… Continue reading Eun Nim Ro

Philip Rantzer

Philip Rantzer calls himself a choreographer of garbage. But the object artist from Israel also sees himself as a grandson of Dada and Merz, Schwitters, Aqrp and Ernst, of surrealism and the theatrical grotesque. He processes materials from bulky waste and scrap yards into object paintings, wall and floor sculptures. The seemingly useless and worn-out… Continue reading Philip Rantzer

Karl-Heinz Meyer

Masking and unmasking – that is in the broadest sense the theme of Karl-Heinz Meyer. Whether it is a matter of “carnival”, in which people in disguise appear more natural and true than in their “real” harmless everyday life, or whether it is a matter of people who put themselves on display without clothes and… Continue reading Karl-Heinz Meyer

Thomas Rieck

Identity refers to perfect agreement with the self and the world, to the balance between opposites. Thomas Rieck translates the feelings released in the perception of contradictions into the pictorial in a masterful handling of material and technique.