Wolfgang Kessler

Wolfgang Kessler (b. 1962) is a painter of quiet, yet aggressive power. Light, color, materiality – These are perhaps the most important components of the painting of Wolfgang Kessler. In addition, the tranquility of the introverted, mostly individual and in a surreal context. This is how the early pictures can be described.

Andreas Welzenbach

With his sculptures Welzenbach explores the attraction, sometimes the eroticism of the eerily beautiful. In this lies a tendency of the artist to the romantic, more precisely to the reflection on the romantic or the image that we sometimes have of it.

Anne-Christin Radeke

With a technique of fascinating finesse and a haunting complex of topics, A.C. Radeke ad absurdum the question of the current relevance of painting.

Andrea Köhn

The first impression I get when looking at Andrea Köhn’s pictures is that of a light, warm and luminous color that develops a certain dynamic of its own within the organic-constructive compositions.