Art loves me

Philip Rantzer

Art loves me

Limited Edition / Print

30 x 22,5 cm

Copperplate print with dried daisies collaged on printed differently collaged pages of a book for learning Hebrew grammar.

Each copy is unique

Edition 23 + 3 E.A.

Edition of the Kestner Society, Hannover

sheet size 30 x 22,5 cm

monogrammed, numbered, dated and titled:

€ 500 plus shipping




Philip Rantzer:

Philip Rantzer calls himself a choreographer of garbage. But the object artist from Israel also sees himself as a grandson of Dada and Merz, Schwitters, Aqrp and Ernst, of surrealism and the theatrical grotesque. He processes materials from bulky waste and scrap yards into object paintings, wall and floor sculptures. The seemingly useless and worn-out… Continue reading Philip Rantzer